Yiwu is a town­district located in the middle of the coastal Zhejiang province, which pursue a development based on the trade promotion since several years. Thus it has developed commercial exchanges with 150 foreign countries and the biggest shipping world companies have settled their offices there.
More than 413 000 foreign traders from nearly 100 different countries and regions go in and out of Yiwu every year. It has 4C grade airport covering about twenty domestic destinations, a bus station handling with approximately 1300 departures per day to more than 100 different cities and a train station connecting Shanghai in less than 2 hours.

the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world

This extraordinary growth was permitted thanks to its commodity market wholesale’s incredible development, which slogan is “Ocean of commodities, a paradise for buyers”. Today, Yiwu’s wholesale market, named China Commodity City or CCC, is the world most popular wholesale market for many products and was honored by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley in 2005 as “the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world”, and the city retains this status.

It covers a 4.7 millions square meters area and stores; around 1.7 millions different articles are displayed in nearly 70 000 stands. So It is thus the largest commercial center and the biggest exposition center in the world. From now on, with more than 800 000 containers sent all around the world in 2014, Yiwu is an unavoidable center for international trade.