Owner of a commercial group in New­Caledonia since the 1990s, we have wished to develop our own suppliers network about ten years ago in order to boost our competitiveness and cut/remove the intermediary cots. Thus:

  • In 2005, we started to make our purchases in collaboration with an independent French agent working in China.
  • In 2010, we have set up a partnership with the Chinese group Sellers Unions, which allowed us to take place durably in China.
  • In 2013, strengthened by this experience/knowledge accumulated thanks to this partnership and Yiwu’s market’s international dimension, we decided to create our own import/export company based in Yiwu.
  • In 2015, we made acquisition of a warehouse and put in place a logistical structure in bounded warehouse to sustain our growing development.

Finaly, our physical presence on Yiwu’s market as well as the cumulative experience accumulated during those last 10 years in partnership with Sellers Unions allowed us to gain a deep knowledge of the market’s particularities and a direct access to good quality commodities at competitive price.

Moreover, thanks to the management and the supplies of provision to our furniture and general stores we can provide you an added­ value regarding choice and elaboration of your products range. Indeed, ours skills are not just about quality/price negotiation but about finding the product(s) adapt to your needs and your market.

Nata Trading Company offers you
A sourcing and support on Yiwu’s market. We assure you the matching between your products and your demands, with the possibility of ordering in small quantity.
A factory audit ensures the supplier viability.
A products testing in order to check their respects of the different standards depending of the markets.
A packaging, price labeling and bars codes taken care of before the sending in order to optimize your time while the merchandises reception.
A quality control made before the sending to ensure their conformity.
The possibility of making LCL or FCL shipment allow you a better flexibility on your orders.